Most planning is a waste of time.

You buy the planner, fill it out, then wait for the magic - that never happens. The planner sits, untouched, ineffective, on your desk.

Putting it together was a waste of time because you never used it.

You planned one thing, but then life got in the way of your plan and now your plan feels irrelevant.

Looking at your plan makes you feel worse, not better.

So you avoid your planner and just "go with the flow" - which leaves you scattered and overwhelmed on the regular.


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It turns out that just filling out a planner isn't enough to be a planner girl.

Looking from, working from, and adjusting from the written plan is how you make your planner work for you.

Otherwise, making the plans and filling out the planner was just a waste of time.

Our plans have to adapt as life changes.

A weekly review is how we adapt our plans and keep our head in the game.

However -
We can't start whole-hog from the get-go. That's how we crash & burn.

Your planner needs to adapt to real life as it unfolds.

A weekly review is the secret sauce that makes planning stick. Just like laundry needs to be done again and again, and dinner and dishes need to be done again and again, so our plans need regular attention.

Your planner needs to organize your attitude.

As in all things, our attention is what gives a planner traction.

Strategic, regular attention makes a planner a tool of calm, capable life-and-attitude management.

Let me help you build a weekly review habit just in time for the
start of school and crazy schedules.

get coaching & accountability with this live class

Gain momentum & motivation

A MOM'S WEEKLY REVIEW MASTERCLASS will walk you through a proven process for building a personalized habit of making a weekly plan that fits your actual life and actual needs.

You won't just do what you're told. You'll be equipped with the skill and confidence to manage yourself well.

This masterclass runs live August 29-October 1. You'll have access to the materials & replays until November 1 because real deadlines are a key factor in effective accountability.

Calendar & Brain Dump

The first step of a weekly review is wrapping your head around your calendar and your responsibilities.

Weekly Review #1 will take 15 minutes

Meals & Routines

Effectiveness begins by taking care of the basics first. Meals, dishes, & laundry shouldn't be surprises or emergencies.

Weekly Review #2 will take 20-25 minutes

Your Weekly Dashboard

Keep your duties & obligations front and center with a weekly dashboard, created during each and every weekly review.

Weekly Review #3 will take 30 minutes

Goals, Projects, & Attitude

Knowing what's on our plate - and being realistic in our expectations about execution - is key to plans with traction.

Weekly Review #4 will take 35 minutes

Running Lists & Keeping Up

All plans decay. We never do all the things. So we must plan accordingly and manage realistically.

Weekly Review #5 will take 45 minutes

Your Own Weekly Review

Time to iterate and keep the learning process going! After the class, you'll be confident & equipped.

Your regular weekly review should take 30-45 minutes.


Jump into your life with confidence every week



Mentorship & accountability

Mystie has been helping women build the skills they need to manage their home with cheerful diligence for over 6 years. Mentorship & accountability is what most of us lack, and it does work.

Weekly Lessons & Checklists

Each week adds another piece to your weekly review process so you can build a doable habit through baby steps. Lessons are available in both written & audio format. Lessons land in your inbox on Friday - to be worked through & applied the following week.

Weekly Support Seminar

Managing life with skill and grace - and no stress - is about more than checking off a set of tasks. It's about our whole attitude and approach to life. During the weekly support seminars, Mystie covers the attitude shifts about our planning, duties, and life that we all need via live video. Replays available.

Weekly Q&A Meetups

Talking through a process is always a better way to learn and grow than doing it in isolation. Weekly Zoom meetups provide a chance to ask questions, share insights & encouragement, and get inspiration from the other women tackling the same thing. Replays available.

Daily Texts

For the duration of the masterclass, August 29-October 1, you'll get a daily text with encouragement in the morning and a text with a link to the seminars, meetups, and new lessons so they're quick & easy to find.

Guided Weekly Review Sessions

Each week you'll have a recording - audio & video - that you can use to guide your weekly review time with cues, prompts, and encouragements. These sessions can be downloaded and used whenever it works to do your own weekly review.

See what women have to say about a weekly review:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Processing brain dumps & choosing a weekly top 3 during my weekly review has helped me apply filters so I can better steward my limited resources. By preparing for each new week, I regain a sense of direction and am able to focus on my responsibilities."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"A weekly review gives me space for reflection on the previous week. It's been both eye opening and encouraging.  By completing a dashboard for the coming week, I have had much more peace because I know what is coming up!  I also have more peace about what I am choosing to put onto my calendar and make time for."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The weekly reviews help my weeks to go so much more smoothly. I rarely drop balls when I do them. Now I feel less frazzled and stressed, because of that I can enjoy things with my family and feel more accomplished and peaceful."


Your ideas are so thorough and practical, but I’ve never before worked through something like this that led to worship of God.

Thank you for not skirting the most important areas and deeper issues. You are mentoring me on the other side of the world, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such solid work and deep honesty.


Small steps = big change

Too often we try to improve our processes by doing everything all at once - but then we crash and burn. This masterclass is designed to help you build a solid weekly review brick by brick.

Mentorship for mom life

Time management & productivity advice for business & career doesn't translate to mom life - but it's just as essential because our time and energy are the two key resources we must manage with wisdom as moms.

Simple directions & checklists

Trying to copy other women doesn't work. Every week you'll know exactly what you're supposed to do - but those tasks will equip you to design your own practices that fit your situation and personality.

From Mystie:

“I know first-hand how tempting it is to give up on planning because my plans never actually work.

"Eventually, I realized my problem was that my plan was an attempt to control my little corner of the world instead of controlling myself.

"That shift made all the difference as I gradually learned to avoid wishful thinking planning and practice follow-through.

"I invite you to join me for a 5-week mentor-style masterclass that will help you shortcut those lessons that took me a decade to figure out!"


Effectiveness isn't about your planner.

It's about you.

Register today.


and then registration will close
This class will not be offered again
until mid-2023