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Too often moms wind up frazzled and frustrated. We have the instruction, motivation, and accountability you need to cheerfully and calmly handle life as it happens - even when it's not what you planned.

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Beat back perfectionism and overwhelm.

Getting your home and life organized isn't about finding the perfect solution or system. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for family life.

Getting organized is not about achieving your ideals, but rather about managing your expectations and responsibilities so you can know and do the right next thing and end the day satisfied, not frustrated, even if all your list items are not checked off.

The Simply Convivial ABCs

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Adjust your attitude.

It is possible to choose joy in the midst of the mundane and not be ruled by whim and feelings.

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Build better habits.

Reclaiming our homes from chaos often comes down to changing our habits, not finishing a cleaning project.

Celebrate small wins.

Lasting change comes from baby steps, taken in faithfulness. Notice and appreciate those small gains; they're significant.

Get the help you need to manage your home.

Start with Homemaking 101

Homemaking 101 will jumpstart your home management and organization approach and skill so you can make purposeful progress in everyday real life.

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Engage a whole-life approach

Our signature Simplified Organization series walks you through mindset changes, habit overhauls, and planning practicalities that address every element of home and life management.

Organize Your Attitude

12 modules about identifying and improving your attitude about home, family, standards, and life. This course is life changing.

Click here to download the syllabus.

Work Your Plan

12 modules about creating and using a workable planning system that doesn't take more time to keep up than it saves you in tracking life.

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Streamline Your Homemaking

12 modules about identifying and living out the heart of your role as a homemaker: creating an atmosphere where people can flourish.

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Clear coursework.
Motivating community.

Whatever your problem areas are as you manage home and family life, we have a course to help you work out a personalized solution in 6 weeks or less.


Clean house.

With Sweep & Smile, a 6-module course, you'll build the minimum-viable cleaning routines that will keep your house never far from guest-ready. If your husband doesn't notice a difference after 6 weeks of this course, we'll refund your membership.

Click here to download the Sweep & Smile syllabus.


Manage time.

With Restful Routines, a 6-module course, you'll learn how to take refreshing breaks and start and stop your days well so that you don't burn out. Click here to download the Restful Routines syllabus.

With Humble Habits, a 6-module course, you'll build the core personal habits you need to be effective in your responsibilities and relationships. Click here to download the Humble Habits syllabus.


Plan & prepare meals.

With Simplified Pantry, a 5-module course, you'll not only get access to Mystie's Simplified Dinners cookbook, but you'll also walk through a process to streamline the entire meal process from idea to store to the table.

Click here to download the Simplified Pantry syllabus.


Homeschool well.

With Art of Homeschooling, a 5-module course, you'll learn how to focus every day on what truly matters in your own home with your own kids - combining character with lessons every time. Click here to download the Art of Homeschooling syllabus.

With Work of Homeschooling, a 6-module course, you'll learn how to keep everyone - including yourself! - accountable and on track for the work that needs to be done so you all make consistent, real progress. Click here to download the Work of Homeschooling syllabus


Focus effectively.

Every month we target a particular concept, habit, or planning piece to work on. The Monday Member Memo gives a bit of direction each week, the community discusses it all month, the weekly mentoring sessions dig deeper and troubleshoot obstacles, and the monthly member meetup provides a forum for application ideas and insights from everyone. Even when you can't work through an online course, spending a month thinking about one thing will help you make incremental, baby step improvements no matter where you're at.

Upcoming topics: April - Story; May - Daily Card; June - Meal planning.

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Member-Exclusive Podcast

Every lesson from every course, plus every replay from every video workshop or conversation goes into our member-exclusive podcast, which works on most apps so you can download and listen on the go. When you subscribe, you'll instantly have hundreds of focused, applicable pep talks, searchable by topic.

Active Community

Our community with hundreds of women is on a completely private chat app that works on your computer, in your browser, or as a native Android or Apple app. You control how many or how few conversations you see, but there's a place to talk about nearly anything.

Live Conversations

Every week Mystie hops on a webinar call about the month's topic and several times a month, community members meet and discuss progress & insights via Zoom. All replays become available afterwards on the site and on the member podcast.

What our members say

I had absolutely no idea where to start. I felt like every aspect of my life needed to be overhauled. The first lesson of Organize Your Attitude helped me see my negative thought patterns and how that was affecting me. Being a part of Simply Convivial has completely changed how I operate in my home. I am so grateful God led me to Mystie's courses!

- Caitlin G.

When I started I thought my biggest struggle was a lack of routines. I now have a better attitude because I know cleaning the house is just preparing it for the next day. This idea has been so revolutionary. I’ve been stuck thinking that I can’t get it clean, so why bother because it’s just going to get messed up again.

- Liz B.

I was struggling to keep a good attitude about what felt like an overwhelming amount of work to do. I had lists and lists, but felt like I was only spinning my wheels. I really focused in on the attitude piece first and just started bathing my mind with Mystie’s audio recordings of the modules. I’m loving all I’m learning and I love how my attitude, home, and relationships are being transformed.

- Michelle B.

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