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Dinner doesn’t have to take a lot of time, energy, and know-how.

Make family dinners simple with this proven method for simplifying the whole process: planning, shopping, storing, & preparing.

Slash the amount of time it takes to plan, shop, & cook.

Cook simply with real food from scratch with this proven system that takes the thinking out of the process and makes cooking a breeze.

"I have been using Simplified Dinners this summer and my family loves the meals I've made.  It has also simplified my shopping and boosted our budget!"
— Tara Rose

Streamline your meals so you can save time and money.

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  • Stock a basic but personalized pantry and never run out of the ingredients you need to put dinner on the table
  • Save time in the kitchen because you don't have to read recipe instructions
  • Improve your kitchen confidence by relying on simple methods for repeatable but differing dinners
  • Get in and out of the grocery store quickly because you know what you need and you know where it is
  • Make dinners your family loves by cooking with customized flavors and ingredients

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"Simplified Dinners has really changed that dynamic in my life. I didn't realize how much I was complicating meals. It was a huge point of stress, but now dinner is no problem."
— Vivian Owens

Hey - I'm Mystie!

I don't have time for elaborate meals, but I do want to feed my family healthy, whole food on a budget.

It is possible! And it's possible to do without taking a ton of time planning and couponing and shopping.

When we had 3 small children I didn't have the energy to spend a bunch of time cooking and I wasn't schlepping the kids all over town to get the best deals at each grocery store. Instead, I built a simple system that allowed me to take advantage of habit in the kitchen and in the grocery store.

It eliminates wasteful purchases, which in the long run is better savings than 50-cents here and there. It relies on basic cooking skills that can be repeated in a variety of applications, so dinner becomes no-brainer.

Hundreds of women have joined me in simplifying dinner with this proven system for over 5 years now, and you can be next!

"Thank you for saving me MANY hours in the kitchen and for such delicious recipes! Every single one has been a winner!"
 — Rachel Allison

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with Simplified Dinners?

You'll get one pdf by email that contains over a dozen meal types with several variations each, a master pantry list, process instructions (think mini cooking lessons), and an introduction section that teaches you how the system works and how to make it your own.

What will I learn?

In Simplified Dinners you'll learn:

  • How to cook using basic, repeatable processes
  • How to make a repeatable, easy-to-use master grocery lit
  • How to make your dinners fit your family's taste
  • How to make menu planning a piece of cake
  • How to get a complete, homemade dinner on the table quickly

Is this a real book?

This is a pdf ebook, formatted to be easy to print (with minimal ink in black and white) and also easy to read on a screen.

Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in PDF format. 

Can I get a physical copy?

At this time Simplified Dinners is only available in digital PDF format. You can print the pages and have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder, you can print just the pages and recipes you need, or you can view from any mobile device or laptop.

How soon after purchasing will I receive my product?

Simplified Dinners will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minutes of your purchase.

How do I know whether Simplified Dinners is right for me?

Simplified Dinners is designed for busy moms who need to get a healthy, homemade dinner on the table with a minimum amount of time and energy, without breaking the budget.

If you've ever struggled with following recipes or find yourself wishing you could adapt a recipe to better fit your family, Simplified Dinners is for you. Relying more on process than detailed instructions, Simplified Dinners teaches you how to harness the power of habit in your kitchen and in the grocery store.

What if my kids are picky eaters?

Simplified Dinners is different from a normal cookbook. It's set up in such a way that you can easily adapt the meals to fit your own family's size and tastes and needs.

I'm a Simply Convivial member, do I need to buy this book?

Access to Simplified Dinners is included in your membership at Simply Convivial Continuing Education. You can find the downloadable files on the main page of the Simplified Pantry course.

Interested? Learn more about Simply Convivial Continuing Education here.

What's the return/refund policy?

We have a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. We process all refunds within 24 hours of receiving the request (but we don't work on Sundays).

We are also available to answer any questions or help you get started with your own Simplified Pantry process. Just hit reply to any email from us and we'll get back to you within 36 hours.

"My life is now full and I just didn't have the brain power to plan meals the way I used to. Most meal plan sources didn't work for our family.  Your plan includes so much of what I already have in our house and allows me creativity when I want it, but removes the pressure when I don't.  I still have the freedom to have fun in my kitchen, but I don't dread the day-in-day-out cooking that I need to do to keep my family well fed!"

— Jennifer Ott

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"You have been a godsend!  I was so discouraged and never really stopped to think that having four children might require new cooking strategies!  Thank you for putting all this information together.  I love your process approach!  I'm using it as homeschool curriculum this year also."
— Christine Royer

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