Is your home in chaos? These three habits are what you need.

The point of getting organized isn't so you can show off your cute containers. We get organized so we can have peace and calm, enjoying life and our family.

Build the 3 habits you need to be satisfied at the end of the day.

Pull up out of overwhelm.

Simplify & streamline with 3 basic habits.

Our three key habits will help you prioritize, do what matters, and overcome perfectionism.

Writing the daily card has helped me stop feeling like "nothing gets done." I can see that a short to-do list actually accomplishes a decent amount.

— Candice C., Homemaking 101 graduate

Build the habits you need to get the most important things done.

  • Includes 3 short but meaty modules in written and audio form, plus extra support videos.
  • Includes checklists, summaries, and printables to help you keep tabs on paper.
  • Includes a Christ-centered and gospel-focused look at the true nature of homemaking.
  • DOES NOT include a formula or template from someone else's life that will supposedly work in yours.
  • Includes help in identifying and growing your own personal plan for staying on top of your own life, not someone else's.

Remember this offer is disappearing soon!

I realized that I didn't need to completely change everything about my life. I just needed to implement a few habits that serve me better. Now I can get started and do something even if it’s not perfect or every detail isn’t ready yet.

- Alyssa L., Homemaking 101 graduate

Hey - I'm Mystie!

And I know homemaking is not the piece of cake you thought it'd be.

I mean, laundry and meals - how hard could it be?

I've come out the other end of my pride and can laugh about it now, and I'd love to help you do the same: pick up the pieces, overcome chaos and conviction and confusion, and learn to love what must be done - even if that means more laundry.

Turns out that organizing is not about slapping a label on matching containers. Organizing is about putting things in the right place - and the first thing we actually need to organize is our attitude and mindset.

Walk with me and hundreds of other women as we learn to do just that.

Learning how to limit my to-dos has helped me focus and actually accomplish more rather than constantly feel like I'm failing because there's a forever-long to do list on my shoulders.

— Julia H., Homemaking 101 graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with Homemaking 101?

Homemaking 101 is a quick, 3-module course that should take you 3 weeks or less to complete. The modules are available in written or audio form.

Each module has handy printables to help you make progress, as well as examples and tips from past graduates.

What will I learn?

In Homemaking 101 you'll learn:

  • how to change your attitude about housework
  • how to get your thinking patterns unstuck
  • how to make a short daily to-do list that works
  • how to know you have the right things on your list
  • how to practice a weekly review
  • how to keep going when the plan doesn't happen
  • how to overcome overwhelm & perfectionism

How soon after purchasing will I receive my product?

Homemaking 101 is a course within our Simply Convivial Continuing Education dashboard. After you register, you'll receive instructions via email for logging into the site and accessing your course.

What else will I get if I enroll?

When you enroll in Homemaking 101, you will get unlimited, lifetime access to the Homemaking 101 course.

You will not, however, get access to the other perks of enrolling in Simply Convivial Continuing Education, like a member-only podcast and our chat community, Convivial Circle. Interested? Click here to learn more.

Is Homemaking 101 right for me?

Homemaking 101 is an ecourse for busy moms who can't seem to make other people's planning systems work in their life.

At Simply Convivial, everything we do is geared to helping you adjust your mindset and personalize a plan that fits your style, your needs, your life. Plus, we recognize that our goal is not wordly success, but glorifying God in all we do and think and say.

What if I am not only a homemaker?

Everything within Homemaking 101 applies equally whether you are a full-time stay-at-home mom or if you're juggling employment and home duties.

Most of us have multiple responsibilities in and out of the home, whether any of them earn a paycheck or not. Most of us have multiple responsibilities within our homes above and beyond meals and laundry.

Homemaking 101 is about learning the habits that help you deal with the needs you're facing in the moment - those that you can't ever foresee or plan for - because that's how moms need to function.

How does an ecourse work?

It's not any harder than reading a blog. Each module has a lesson to read or listen to and 2-3 activity assignments to complete, laid out clearly with actionable steps.

Then you get the click the checkbox that says you completed it and watch the progress marker advance.

What's the return/refund policy?

We offer a no-questions-asked refund policy. If the content or the format doesn't work for you, let us know and we'll refund your purchase within 48 hours.

 I needed the reminders of the IMPORTANT things so I could change my focus to include those, such as "making eye contact with kids while doing schoolwork," instead of just "doing schoolwork." Also, I am sorry to say that reading my Bible daily has not happened in years. But the past three weeks, because it has been on my daily list, I have read it each day (except one). I needed the accountability.

- Kathryn W., Homemaking 101 graduate

The explanation of mottos was a really helpful reminder to me of keeping important truths front and center and meditating on a verse more deeply too.

— Hannah W., Homemaking 101 graduate

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